About NCM Systems

We specializes in supplying and supporting non contact measuring Beta and Xray gauging systems. We have over 30 years of experience working with nucleonic and control systems. We have just introduced a new "Air Caliper Gauge/Nair"which runs on Windows 10 produces a high quality product with "Automatic Calibration".


Service Contracts


Routine servicing of your measurement equipment ensuring it is in peak condition and your business is not interrupted by preventable down time incidents.


What We Can Do For You:

  • A discussion with the customer on any faults with the system since the last visit.
  • Scanner drive system adjustment.
  • Scanner bearings – check and replace if needed.
  • Sensor cables – check and replace if needed.
  • Scanner cleaning and lubrication.
  • Sensor calibration.
  • Radioactive source replacements and Disposals, License assistance and local rules check.
  • Source enclosure checked for operation of shutter and safety.
  • System safety interlock, Shutter warning lights checked.
  • Power supply check and adjustment.


Callout Policys

Our callout polices are that we offer 24hour phone and technical support and if a site visit is needed we can arrange a date that suits you but if the situation is more critical then we can be onsite to help resolve the problem within 24hours of you informing us of a issue. (take in to account of distance if the callout is transcontinental there may be a longer callout time, and any issue will be attempted to be resolved over the phone during this time.)





We are a small company and it is because of this that our customers are able to have a more personal relationship with our management, this allows us to understand your specific needs, which are personally relayed to our engineers. So you can have a product of superior quality.





Radiation Protection

Radiation protection issues are handled in accordance to IRR99 specifications by our partner company "Radman associates". We offer Risk Assessments, Bi Annual Swab Testing, Local Rules, Assistance With Licensing Issues, Advice On Radiation Protection, because the services will be carried out by our partner company we offer low costs on all services carried out by us.